Bad Credit Mortgage Company Warning Signs : Don’t Be Taken Advantage Of

As the real estate boom begins to slow down, many people are now facing climbing interest rates and property values that haven’t appreciated as much as many would have hoped. It can happen to the best of us, it only takes one bad month and boom, you now have a mortgage late, missed credit card payments and other bills stacking up. In what many feel to be a worst case scenario, the dreary f word (foreclosure!) may even be rearing its ugly head. Panic and desperation begin to set in and you now are looking for a bad credit mortgage company.

Sadly, many companies salivate when they find out that someone is up against the wall financially. They know that if they can make a deal work, they can take advantage of the prospects desperation and make a killing on commission on the loan. Top three warning signs when dealing with a bad credit mortgage company.

1) Look Out For Bait And Switch Tactics
If a deal sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is. If you do end up making it the way to the signing table only find that the loan that you are now about to sign has a higher interest rate and/or extra fees that were not disclosed to you previously, don’t be afraid to walk away. Any lender that chooses not to inform you fully before you sit down to sign the loan documents is obviously looking out for their own best interests with little care for your well being. You are not committed to anything until you sign the paperwork. Also, in most cases, on refinance transactions, you will have up to three days after you sign to change you mind and rescind the loan.

2) You Do Not Need to Be Rushed
If you need to work with a bad credit mortgage company, chances are that your financial situation and the stress that understandably comes along with it may make you feel like you need to just hurry up and get the loan done and over with. Wile it may be hard, don’t feel that you need to rush the process. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous lenders who know that you are feeling “pain” and will do everything they can to exploit your emotional state. While it is important to respond to your broker or lenders requests in a timely fashion, rarely should they be pressuring you to hurry up and close the transaction.

3) Beware Mortgage Companies that Make you Pay Upfront Fees
There is absolutely no reason you should pay any kind of fee to a mortgage company before they will agree to speak with you. Now, you more than likely will have to pay some fees before your loan closes (appraisal, title, escrow etc.) but the vast majority of those can be paid through the loan at closing. Upfront fees are more than likely just a tactic to make you feel committed to that particular lender.

If you are dealing with a bad credit mortgage company that exhibits any of the behavior outlined above, don’t be afraid to just walk away from them and find someone that you feel comfortable with.

Fortunately, if you do need the services of a bad credit mortgage company there are many great companies, lenders and brokers that genuinely want to help you overcome your current credit situation and help you get back on the road to financial health and stability.’s professionals understand that from time to time, we all have financial difficulties. If you want to deal with a bad credit mortgage company that will treat you like a human being and that will work with you find the best loan for your situation, contact for a free mortgage quote today.

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