Bangalore’s most upcoming area for constructing villas

Bangalore is one of the high density populated area, most of the peoples are working. Each and every middle class peoples dream is buy a villa or apartments in Bangalore. Bangalore is one of the fast growing metropolitan city in India, city border is expanding more then people expected it also increases the land price in the outer are of the Chennai city. So people target the city outer area to invest and also to build their own villas and homes. Reason is very not much costly and place is very calm to live, it has less air and noise pollution when compare to the inner part of the Chennai city.
In Bangalore places like Sarjapur Road, Hosur Road are developed well in the recent years but before 10 years it was one of the low dense populated area. Now-a-days people looking for good returns for their investments, so they choose only real estate in bangalore. Villas in Bangalore are much higher cost then any other cities in Tamil Nadu but people are very much interested to buy Villa and Apartments in Bangalore city apart from their finance problems. Building constructor build the villas and apartments in luxury types then the normal apartments, it shows People looking for modern and richness to live. They are ready to spend money for their life to live in luxury homes. Villas in OMR Bangalore are very modern and it attracts the young peoples like who are working in the IT and BPO sectors. Most of the commercial buildings occupied by the IT and BPO companies in the OMR, which makes to decide the constructor to go for modern and luxury apartments in OMR Bangalore. People who is working in the IT companies ready to spend more money for their needs which is also helps the builders to construct the luxury apartments and villas in Bangalore.

Attraction in Axr properties is unavoidable and lucrative for the investors as well as the common residents and expats. On the other hand, the people are coming to Bangalore is regular basis and it is increasing day by day which creates the demand for rental places quite much. Therefore, Bangalore rentals are having a good business through rental points such as villas, apartments and Smart homes and the Bangalore hotel apartments are also receiving a great number of guests every day. Currently it is the Bangalore apartments that hold the record of serving the most number of guests in the history.

Bangalore rentals entertain their customers with open arms and fairly as RERA keep monitoring all the activities and advancement in Bangalore rentals and overall Bangalore properties. It is not rare to find a new project launch in Bangalore as soon as you pick up a newspaper to find about the latest happenings in Bangalore properties. The new project launch means more space is about to be available different forms like villas, apartments, furnished apartments, and commercial offices. It also ensures that the Dubai rentals will have more and more business in the coming days.

If you are interested in investment in Bangalore properties, first of all, you are supposed to be determined about how you would like to have the profit out of Axr properties. It means that in the first place you can sell Axr properties with a reasonable margin of profit. The other way round to generate a steady income on regular basis is by renting the particular property to the tenants. You can hire some expert and authentic services offered by Bangalore rentals to rent out your property. However, you can make cash out of your Axr properties with a good margin of profit whenever you wish.

So if you happen to visit and stay in Bangalore, you will have an overall good deal with Bangalore rentals as they will arrange an affordable and comfortable stay. Bangalore has certainly become a growing hub for professional businesses as well as lovers of tourism who consider Dubai as their final destination. As the flow of businessmen and tourists is increasing in Bangalore with a high frequency rate day by day, there is an intense rise in the demand of Bangalore rental properties. Even the present scenario and market of Axr properties have reached a point that if you want to rent Axr properties your business trip or a leisure stay, it will be cheaper as compared to staying in a hotel. Axr Hotel apartments are hotel type apartments which cost just a fraction of the charges that you have to pay to stay in a hotel room which is some good news for anybody who would like to visit

There are many different types of villas for sale in bangalore available which are constructed in such a way so as to meet the requirements of the people living in them. They are particularly famous among families who are travelling to Bangalore to spend some time in the city and want to avoid the unnecessary high bills of living in a hotel while enjoying the luxuries and services. It is quite easy Modern Villas The rent is quite reasonable and most of the families don’t have to stretch their budgets to actually live in these villas. Some of these villas are self secluded and self contained and consist of all the basic amenities of life. This allows the family to be taken care of without the need to go out for basic needs. These villas are quite luxurious and provide an environment of comfortable living.

These holiday villas can be rented out on both short and long term basis. There are many companies who are offering these villas on short term basis. However the rents charged are higher as compared to those for long term hiring. If a family or individual often visits Bangalore, it can obtain a villa on a permanent basis by buying the villa from a property dealer or a company.

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Villaments is the new buzzword for Luxury Homes in bangalore and Premium Villas in bangalore in Real Estate in Bangalore lexicon. A villament is where an apartment ends and a villa begins. It’s a concept that’s gaining popularity with those who want the luxury of a villa and yet crave the comfort and convenience an apartment affords.
“It’s a marketing strategy where we offer the privacy of a villa and the facilities of an apartment,” says Mr. Nimish Kamdar,owner of AXR Properties, A Bangalore-based real estate developer selling luxury homes and premium villas in Bangalore called Zeus where every villament is equipped with Smart Home Technology. Harmoniously bringing together the charm of the old with convenience of the new. Enabling the smart networking of all digital appliances together with super-high speed internet and artificial intelligence. Providing you with an unparalleled and futuristic living culture that is bound to impress even the gods.

While prices of villas may be out of reach for many, and the density of apartment units too claustrophobic for some, villaments will bridge the divide.
“There is a large section of people who aspire to own a villa but can’t afford it. Here comes the concept of a villament, which offers them a villa lifestyle at affordable prices,” Villaments cost 30-40% more than average apartments and around 20 to 30% less than average villas. A villament gives you the privacy, space, and oodles of greenery; at the same time, it offers you the vibrancy of apartments, security and the price of a highend apartment. Typically, a villament block would have four to eight units in each block, with the ground-floor units getting garden space, the middle floors enjoying a lot of balcony space, and the units on the top floor getting their own terrace space.
Villaments enables you to create your own kitchen garden, zen garden or barbecue pit.
Some more FEATURES of Smart Homes, Villaments, Luxury Homes, Premium Villas :
* The entire community will enjoy Concierge Services.
* Each villament is equipped with Smart Home Technology.
* Entire community to be WIFI enabled.
* Temperature controlled Swimming Pool.
* Gymnasium, Health Club and a Spa with trained assistants.
* Billiards and Table Tennis.
* Satellite TV Connection.
* 24 hours Power Back-up.
* 24 hours Security.
* Electronically controlled and monitored car park area.
* Ground level of the entire community is vehicle-free.
* Hybrid Vehicles for ease of movement on the property.
* Beautiful landscaping.
* Childrens Play Area.
* Administration and Society Office.
* Spacious Living and Dining, Kitchen and One Bedroom with attached bath on the Ground Floor.
* Large Family Area and Two Bedrooms with respective attached baths on the First Floor.
* Master Bedroom with walk-in closets and attached bath along with an inde pendent terrace area and a study on the second floor.
* Car Parking for two, fully equipped Launderette and utility room plus Maids Room with attached bath in the Basement.
* A Private Elevator (Optional).
* Interior Courtyard Garden area that opens into the sky.
* Optional Jacuzzi on the terrace attached to the Master Bedroom.
* Each villament powered by Solar Panels for water heating.
* All fittings are built to international specifications.
A Bangalore-based real estate developer, says the concept of villaments was pioneered by the group in its project, VILLAS Independence and exclusivity; lifestyle statement; privacy; ‘landed property’; garden area; parking in front of the house; flexibility to accommodate specific needs of each family Higher cost; fewer neighbours; most have surface drive-around, posing a safety concern to residents; distant locations
APARTMENTS Value and affordability; denser and more vibrant community; lower maintenance cost and effort; security; amenities like club house, pool, sports facilities Lack of privacy; limited or no outdoor/garden area; less flexibility for lifestyle; no proximal parking
Buying a home is a cherished dream for most and sometimes the vocabulary used by the industry can be confusing. Investing your life-savings in that perfect nest is a tough call to make and its very important to understand what youre looking at in an advertisement. Villament is one such term.
A lot of us aspire to live in a villa, implying a large, luxurious independent home. But rising prices puts them way beyond our reach. If this is you, builders have created the villament with you in mind. Villaments are a fusion of apartments and villas, giving you the luxury of living in a villa at prices which suit your budget. Units of four to eight villaments form a building. This is considerably fewer homes than a standard apartment complex tower.
The interior of a villament is built on the lines of Villas, with privacy, exclusivity, garden area for each house along with amenities of an apartment complex like a club house and a swimming pool. Another advantage of owning a villament is the option of ownership of landed property which is not applicable when buying an apartment.
Real estate prices in India have been shooting up every day and a deal like this a worth investing in. Owning a villament definitely makes a style statement, it creates a new genre of housing and addresses a new segment of the real estate market in India.

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